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Inspire your boys and girls to pursue careers in
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Bring the new Common Core Curriculum Standards to life….

Invite “Emily Roebling” to your school!


Many books and films have featured the Brooklyn Bridge and many people in New Jersey have crossed it.  Built between 1869 and 1883, without modern machines or even electric light, it was the one of the most amazing technological achievements of its time. Yet few people know that a woman helped supervise much of its construction.

In Emily’s day, women could not vote in most state and federal elections. Their minds and bodies were considered weak and fragile.  Very few colleges would accept female students and, though many poor women had to work to support their families, it was unthinkable for respectable middle- and upper-class women to do so.  They most certainly would not be helping  supervise the greatest construction project of the age.

But Emily Warren Roebling did that and much more.  At the time of her death, she was called “one of the most distinguished women in the country” and “the most famous woman in New Jersey” – yet today most people don’t even know her name!

If your school would be interested in having Emily Warren Roebling come  for a “visit,” to do assemblies or hands-on programs, contact Carol Simon Levin, cslevin59 @ gmail (dot) com, 908 781-6041. The program can be tailored for primary grades, middle school or high school audiences. It can also be presented in modern day dress if preferred.

A teacher’s guide to and description of the “hands-on” program is here:

Preview video and references available.

 “Thank you so much for this morning’s presentation. The presentation was informative, well thought out and entertaining. The 2nd graders really enjoyed your visit and they’ve been asking me follow up questions ever since–which I consider the best sign of learning. Thank you for your time and preparation, we thoroughly enjoyed meeting Emily!” — Michele (Stevens Cooperative School)

Thank YOU!!!!  The story was fabulous, on so many levels.  And your passion for it was the best part. Thank you so much for bringing Emily Roebling to life this morning!  –G.L. The Willow School

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